Cheap Wall Mounted Electric Fire



Where to Buy a Cheap Electric Wall Fire


Even though you may be looking for a cheap wall mounted electric fire for a room in your house, you will need to keep in mind that just because you buy the cheapest wall hanging electric fire that you can find, it may not be up to the job that you want it to do.


There are a number of cheap electric wall fires that can be wall mounted on the market.


We have looked at a high number of online shops that have wall mounted electric fires for sale, and we, like a lot of other people believe that the best place to buy a wall mounted electric fire has to be from Amazon UK…

They have a high number of different brands and models for you to choose from, and they offer some of the cheapest wall mounted electric fires that you can buy.


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So instead of just spending your money on the first one that comes across as offering good value for money, you should first take a few things into consideration.



  • Heat Output

Apart from the price, this is probably going to be the most important factor for you to look at. There is no point in buying a cheap wall mounted electric fire, if it is too small to heat the room that you want to hang it in. Always check for the amount of watts or kilowatts that a fire has, the bigger the wattage,the more heat it will provide.



  • Electric Fire Design

The days of electric fires that had a few heated bars are long gone. These days you can get some great looking wall hung electric fires with different decoratove features such as lof effect, coal effect, or pebble effect. They also come in different colours which allows you to choose a wall mounted electric fire to match the decor of the room.




Cheap Wall Mounted Electric Fires


Cheap and quality do not always go hand in hand, but after a lot of searching we have found 2 of the cheapest wall mounted electric fires that not only offer really good value for money, but have also received top ratings from people who have purchased them in the past.



  • Cheap Wall Mounted Electric Fire – Choice 1

Cheap Wall Mounted Electric FireThis is a 2000kw electric wall mounted fire that comes with a log flame effect.

It has modern contemporary design which will fit right in along with yoir current decor.

It has had very high ratings from buyers, and nobody has found fault with this wall hung electric fire.

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Obviously it can be used to heat your room, but you can also use the flame effect without the heat if you should so desire.

It is rare that you find features that this wall electric fire has, on model this cheap. Apart from its functionality, it also comes with a remote control which is very unsual considering the price of this wall hanging electric fire.


You would usually expect to pay well over £100 for this fire, but you can currently buy this wall mounted electric fire at a discount of 34% from Amazon UK…

This is the cheapest price anywhere at the moment for this particular model, but the discount can be changed at any time at the discretion of Amazon.

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  • Cheap Wall Mounted Electric Fire – Choice 2

cheapest wall hung electric fire ukThis This wall mounted electric fire heater from KMS is a great looking fire that will suit any decor.

It comes with a plasma style curved tempered glass front and really does look quite stunning.

It is a little less powerful at 1800kw but will suitably heat medium sized rooms with ease.

Again, this model has also had some great feedback from customers, who  tend to rate it very highly.


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It has pebble fuel effect and the flame can also be used independently from the the heating. It has two heat settings to warm your room.

It has a dimmer which allows you to adjust the brightness of the flame. and also comes with a remote control

Wall mounted elecric fires similar to this in design and features cost anything between £100 – £200 at different online retailers.

However you can buy it at Amazon at this moment in time for less than £80, which makes it a real bargain!

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  • Best Cheap Wall Mounted Electric Fire


There is not much to choose between the two options that we have found, at the moment, bith can be purchased for exactly the same price from Amazon UK.

But if we were forced to make a choice, we would opt for the first choice which is the 2000kw electric wall mounted fire.

The main reason is that it is slightly more powerful and is also the best rated cheap wall mounted electric fire based on buyer experience and reviews!


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